Aero-Cel™ Padding

New technology in padding options gives you four inches of more resilient support with a softness that conforms to the body's curves. Offering the most relaxing and nurturing environment possible, it's an investment that will return many years of "ahhhhhhs."
Aero-Cel Padding weighs 4-5 pounds more than semi-firm padding.  NOT available on the One, Aurora, Alliance and Advanta portable tables.

plush padding

Plush Padding

Our traditional three-inch multi-layer, super supportive multi-density system for optimal comfort and durability. Its perfect balance of softness and support make this padding ideal for bringing relaxation to clients everywhere.
Plush Padding weighs 2-3 pounds more than semi-firm padding.


Semi-Firm Padding

Two and a quarter inch multi-layer, multi-density system for firmer support and comfort with easier portability. Designed for the best balance of lighter weight and comfortable support. We use semi-firm on our portable tables to determine their published weights.

breast comfort

Breast Comfort Padding System

Soft transitions and generous proportions allow easy, dignified positioning for women of all sizes. Uniquely sophisticated, luxurious three-inch padding layers support all our natural contours and reduce pressure on sensitive breast tissue. Also acts as Glide Zones that provide the ultimate innovation in supine positioning for everyone. The soft padding allows you to reach far down your client's back with ease- hand and career-saving ergonomics.
Put it on any 29" or 31" Nova, WellSpring Table for just $50

U.S. Patent # 7,194,778


Stationary Table Firm Padding

One and a half inch multi-layer density system provides firm support. Designed for physical therapy and athletic training needs.
Stationary Table Firm Padding weighs 1-2 pounds more than semi-firm padding.

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