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Butterfly Cushion
Butterfly Cushion
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TerraTouch - Heron

This Product has been discontinued and is no longer available

The Butterfly Cushion™ is designed to meet your positioning needs in a way that no other product can. The adjustability afforded by the air system ensures proper positioning and comfort without repeated attempts at finding the right height for support. The two chamber design, with asymmetrical support regions, offers a wide range of positioning options. The larger chamber can be inflated to a higher level than the smaller section if needed. The smaller, more curved chamber, is designed to allow diaphramic breathing in prone positions and more lateral support relative to the center of the pad. The deep cuts on the sides of the pads create a perfect surface for support of the occiput for a gentle cervical stretch. The cushion can be placed inside a pillow case when in use to keep it clean. Please experiment with it and find new ways to enhance your client comfort and the effectiveness of your work.

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