Clodagh’s mission is as simple as making sure that everywhere you walk or look in her broad range of projects, there is something beautiful to experience. Named after a picturesque waterway in Ireland and raised in Oscar Wilde’s summer home, Clodagh has consistently and with visionary zeal conquered the world of design and architecture. She is an award-winning, internationally renowned designer known for her unique blending of modern technology, primitive materials, and ancient techniques. With an emphasis on the inventive and sustainable use of materials, her work creates energizing, low-maintenance environments characterized by unexpected design elements, innovative use of light and space, and the incorporation of global influences. Her bestselling book, "Total Design," is a retrospective of her design work and design philosophy and is in its third printing.

In her career, she has garnered numerous awards including Interior Design’s Top 100 Interior Designers in America. She was also named one of the world’s leading interior designers by Architectural Digest and inducted into the Interior Designer Hall of Fame. Most recently she was listed in Robb Report’s Top 40 Interior Designers in the World. Additional recent awards include the IFC Circle of Excellence Award for Enlightened Design, and the 2006 Women in Design Award.

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Clodagh is the featured editor of the October edition of Hospitality Design.

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Clodagh Leo
Price: $4,140.00
Clodagh Trolley
Price: $975.00
Clodagh Gemini Electric Salon Top
Price: $5,245.00
Clodagh Gemini Flat Top
Price: $4,245.00
Clodagh Libra
Price: $7,990.00
Clodagh Relaxation Lounge
Price: $4,930.00
Clodagh Virgo Wave Backrest Top
Price: $3,090.00
Clodagh Virgo Flat Top
Price: $2,805.00