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Hot Towel Cabi-Large
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Hot Towel Cabi-Small
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A hot towel cabi, or hot towel cabinet, is a must have for any luxury day spa or medi spa. In addition to providing a more sanitary experience for the client, the use of hot towels (158-176° Fahrenheit) can also help to relax tense muscles, preparing them for a much needed massage treatment. The internal UV lamp sterilizes and disinfects your towels, killing bacteria, dust mites, viruses and molds that may adversely affect the health of your clientele. Many of Oakworks Spa Tables such as the Celesta and Clinician lines are specifically designed to accommodate a Hot Towel Cabi beneath the table top. Oakworks series of trolleys also accommodate a Hot Towel Cabi in the bottom of the cabinet, for discreet storage. This is one piece of spa equipment that is sure to be a hot topic among your customers.