BOSS Reinforced Frame

 Oakworks. Bodies Talk. We Listen.
Bodies talk. We listen.

Reinforced FrameAmong the many added features included to make The BOSS the exceptionally strong and durable table that it is, are the reinforced frame rails. This means that the side rails of the table frame are effectively almost doubled in thickness for added strength and safety under the greatest extremes.

We designed it this way in response to our customers who told us they had huge linebackers running across the locker room, launching themselves into the air and landing hard on their tables. We still do not recommend that anyone do this, however we know that heavy things happen and, at Oakworks, we work harder to ensure table safety for you and your clients.

These reinforced side rails are part of the reason why The BOSS is our toughest table and has the highest weight rating of all our portable tables. And they're part of the reason why, even your heaviest clients can feel safe and comfortable on The BOSS.