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production products workforce initiatives

OAKWORKS® Sustainability - Production

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OAKWORKS® is committed to US manufacturing, which requires adherence to the Environmental Protection Agency’s stringent standards for water, air, and waste. U.S. companies that outsource manufacturing to low-cost labor parts areas of the world, such as China, are not held to the same high environmental standards. In addition, companies who import finished goods via container ships from halfway around the world burn large quantities of fuel, contributing heavily to pollution.

OAKWORKS® operates a dry plant that does not produce liquid effluents as a byproduct of manufacturing our products. Factories that produce liquid effluents increase pollution and risk contaminating our streams, rivers, tributaries, and seas, jeopardizing the health and survival of fresh and saltwater ecosystems.

OAKWORKS® uses only water-based finishes in its US factory on all of its products to minimize fumes in the production process and eliminate off-gassing in finished goods

OAKWORKS® recycles scrap aluminum and steel.

OAKWORKS® generates a very low volume of scrap material (such as fabric, foam, and wood) when making tables by using computerized machinery that maximizes utilization. Scrap is used in the production of accessories and smaller items whenever possible.

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