production products workforce initiatives
production products workforce initiatives

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OAKWORKS® U.S. manufacturing associates enjoy a clean, safe work environment with access to company sponsored health insurance plans and the extra protection provided by The Occupational Safety and Hazard’s Administration’s (OSHA) regulations. This is not true in other parts of the world commonly used as sources for low cost labor manufacturing.

OAKWORKS® maintains very high air quality throughout its plant so that employees have clean air to breathe. This includes a state of the art particulate dust collection system and spray booths designed to ensure fresh air for operators. Our standards meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

OAKWORKS® has created ergonomic workstations for its production employees that include features such as on demand height changes and rotating work surfaces to minimize reaching, which reduces the risk of injury.

OAKWORKS® uses automated production equipment whenever possible to minimize the physical strain on employees during the manufacturing process and prevent repetitive stress injuries.

OAKWORKS® supports local sheltered workshops for the handicapped by outsourcing work that can be done by these groups.

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